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My Heart is Chained to You

Chained Heart Scanlations:Light/L Doujinshi Scans
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This community is concerned with the scanlation of Raito/L Doujinshi.

A community concerned with Light/L doujinshi scanlations


1) Distribution of our mature scans is prohibited. Scans that are for those 13 and up may be distributed but DO NOT remove our staff page.
2) All those who wish to join must first verify their age here. This is important; your request to join will be rejected if you don't do this part!
3) Apart from redistribution of our scans, if you wish to use them in any other way, please contact us at chainedheartscanlations[at]gmail[dot]com
4) By downloading our scans, regardless of your membership status, you are agreeing to comply with these rules.



Please remember to do BOTH of the following steps in order to join our community. We hate having to reject membership requests because someone forgot to do one of them.

1) Post a comment verifying that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have read our rules in this thread here.
2) Send a membership request to our queue by clicking here.

► If you forget one of these the first time around and your request is denied, don't worry! You can certainly try again. As long as you do both of these things, you have a 99% chance of being accepted. :)

► If your request is denied and you're not sure why or you think we've made a mistake, please send a PM to necrohamster. (Be sure your account settings are set so you can also recieve PMs, or else our response won't be able to go through!)

How do you select your projects?
It starts with what doujinshi is scanned and sent to us by our scanners, necrohamster and sakurazukalori. We are currently working on titles they have already scanned. Of course both users have their own preferences and tastes as to the type of doujinshi they buy. The list of doujinshi necrohamster owns can be found here and sakurazukalori has her list here. We will hold monthly polls to preference the next scanned projects. From there, it is up to what the translator has time for.

Which doujinshi do you have available for download?
Currently we have 13 completed doujinshi projects:
Maigo by Emotional Q, My Real by Pink Jelly, Marijuana by Pink Jelly, Liars' Eden by Yuhki, Nekosama by Ukulele Rider, Manjushage by Aiya, Seventh Heaven by Aiya, The Day When God was Produced by Emotional Q, Plum by Pink Jelly, Lemony First Love by Zerohaku, Complex by Zerohaku, A World Without Love by FLAT, and Can't Be by 76.

Can I share your download links?
Only for scans that we have designated are PG-13 or PG. For all our mature scans, please re-direct here.

I wanted to make a youtube video using your scanlations, is that allowed?
If the doujinshi is PG-13 or PG and you give equal time to our staff credit page AS WELL AS a link to our community, then this is fine. For any of our mature scanlations, this is a violation of our rules.

Where can I join the staff?
The more the merrier! Please, go to our staff page!
On hiatus, I'm afraid.

Want to link us? Please do!



join our community! staff join our staff!

Thanks to psique for our profile layout and profile banner! ♥

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